Who is Patrizia?


Ist sie eine Frau, die barfuß über den Rasen rennt?

Nein, niemand glaubt, dass es tatsächlich solche Frauen gibt.

Ist sie eine gewöhnliche Frau?

Sie ist eine Frau, die Banalitäten verabscheut.

Ist sie eine romantische Frau?

Ja, aber auch instinktiv und mutig.

Ist sie eine Frau, die ohne Tasche niemals aus dem Haus gehen würde?

Nein, aber sie würde niemals immer die gleiche Tasche benutzen.

Ist sie eine Frau, die sich stundenlang zurechtmachen muss?

Das hängt immer davon ab, von wem sie erwartet wird.

Gehört sie zu denen, die Schuhe liebt?

Ja, aber auch Taschen, Hüte und Mützen, Mäntel…

Und ist sie eine Frau, die viel weiß?

Dass sie gut aussieht auf jeden Fall.

Ist sie eine Frau, die liebt?


Und ist sie eine Frau, die wichtig ist?

Sehr, vor allem sich selbst.

Ist sie eine starke Frau?

Sie ist eine Frau, also kann sie nicht anders als stark sein.

Sie ist eine… nein, sie ist nicht nur eine.


  1. H. Chase - 18/07/2010 reply

    July 18, 2010 a friend of mine and i are in Firenze attending a convention on the Old Masters techniques and philosophies as this wonderful city is considered to be the cradle of the Renaissance and the most beautiful (bar none) example of Renaissance architecture and the home of the most important art collections in the world.
    With such a visit we were also expecting the staff and managers of the retail businesses servicing the fashion industry to be helpful, diligent , polite and accommodating (especially in this time of economic hardship when the tourist dollar/euro would be even more sought after than previous years).
    To our surprise and dismay, we experienced quite the opposite upon approaching the cashier at Patrizia Pepe, Firenze.
    On a 45 degree day, it is not the habit of either one of us to be trying on garments but we were passing and on the way to meeting colleagues for lunch in the nearby piazza. My girlfriend, previously a fashion designer and well aware of the brand suggested a quick drop in and in no time had picked out a dress , tried it on and said she would take it. As she didn’t have the full amount in cash she did suggest she leave a deposit and would happily return later to pick it up.We were refused that offer and so she said that would not be a problem, we would return within 2 minutes and go to a nearby ‚bancomat‘. Within 5 minutes we were back at the cashier waiting for service. We waited and waited, the girl behind the counter continued to fold paper and told us we would be served shortly. Finally after 5-6 mins had passed the cashier who had told us she could not accept the deposit appeared from a stairwell with some garments, saw us waiting and promptly turned away ignoring us and walked into another part of the store . The girl behind the counter followed her and told her that we had been waiting, were in a hurry and were happy to leave rather than be kept waiting much longer.
    The outburst which followed was nothing short of intolerable behaviour ! She was unapologetic for keeping us waiting, said that she was busy and we HAD to wait several minutes longer, because she was assisting a potential customer. When asked why the cashiers position was not covered , from all of a sudden she couldn’t speak English. At this point she insisted SHE was the manager and was happily making a scene infront of the other customers by her raised voice declaring that she was going to call the police!!!
    My friend was embarrassed, outraged and disgusted all at once. This was a prestige store with quality designer clothing and the whole brand was being compromised by an ineffectual, simple -minded young woman with little experience in diplomacy, etiquette and retail management (although she claimed she had been the manager there for the past 10 years) . The cash receipt declared her name to be Michelle and she was sporting a tattoo clearly visible under her right arm and a tongue piercing, neither of which we thought was becoming of a manager of a designer label store in the ‚Heart of Florence‘.
    Sadly, we will leave Firenze in a week with that experience staining an otherwise eventful and educational experience but we would have considered it an experience un befitting for a Two Dollar shop let alone a fashion leader as Patrizia Pepe.
    We hope to receive a reply within a day or so…..
    Best wishes,
    Nafisa and Hedviga

    • marcoruffa - 19/07/2010 reply

      Dear Nafisa and Hedviga, thanks for your report of this unbelievable experience.
      Please accept the apologies from Patrizia and from the all retail staff: we’ll further investigate how this episode could have happened and will for sure take action if necessary.
      Customer satisfaction IS the only Patrizia Pepe have, including of course the experience a customer may have during a visit in one of our monobrand shops. At the same time we really believe customers‘ opinion and feedback are really important that’s why we approved as „public“ your comment on a blog post and will leave this visible to any visitor.
      That’s what „WHO IS PATRIZIA“ advertising campaign argues about: any customer should feel close to the Patrizia Pepe world. So close that any customer may feel to be Patrizia itself.
      We wanted to point out your voice is Patrizia’s voice and we believe this will be for sure a proof about how serious we are when telling such stories.
      Hear you soon with some updates…

  2. Thanks for finally talking about > Who is Patrizia? | Inside Patrizia Pepe < Loved it!

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