Patrizia Pepe: installations and fashion

ASYLIA by Ronaldo Fiesoli @ Patrizia Pepe Florence-based fashion label Patrizia Pepe has always been at the vanguard of its field, and in recent years has strengthened its bond with contemporary culture, often staging of exhibitions in its stores. The new “ASYLIA” installation by Ronaldo Fiesoli is another step in this direction. Fiesoli’s installation consists of two small buildings made of coloured metal sheets which on the outside seem ordinary but on the inside are actually full of surprises and meaning. From one perspective, they could be mistaken for the kind of garden shed country people would have in their garden, whilst at the same time, they echo the quintessential buildings depicted in works of 13th and 14th century Tuscan artists, like the ancient dwellings of the Thebaid monks in the works of Starnina or Angelico. When you go inside Fiesoli’s huts, you are met by a core of recycled plastic cast-offs; rubbish lit up by neon lights. The colours are soft acid shades, lime green and purplish pink, set against the bright red stairway with rose madder lacquer also designed by the artist in the exhibition space. The installation itself contemplates transformation, and conflict in the landscape primarily between important historical and artistic legacies and contemporary degradation. The huts and the plastics contained inside, many of them thrown away, are a symbol of the so-called “non-places” that are unlike anything else. The installation will be housed in the Patrizia Pepe Head Office until 14 January 2011. Opening: 3 November 2010   17.30-19.30 Opening hours: Monday-Friday  9.30/12.30 – 14.30/18.30  by appointment only Patrizia Pepe Head Office Via Gobetti7/9 50013 Capalle (FI) For further information: tel. 055 87 444 1

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