Patrizia Pepe Bestsellers: who's up and who's down…

It’s time to step back and take stock of the spring, and get a feeling for what you’re thinking (like?) about the various pieces in Patrizia Pepe’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection.
The bad weather we’ve had recently seems to have pushed up demand for coats and jackets whilst in the special occasion wear department (a lot of you must be gearing up for some pretty special events), the favourites seem to be supersensual, sophisticated suits and mini dresses for those of you wanting to up the ante a bit.
Let’s take a closer look, starting with the out-and-out number one: the hugely successful T-flag, sales of which just keep going and going.
The project that we’ve talked and talked about , even in this BLOG has been weaving its way up and down and roundabout the web like wildfire. It’s a hot topic amongst Italy’s most dedicated of bloggers, and also on YouTube where we posted a series of adverts on the joint project to help Haiti that Patrizia Pepe and Terre Des Hommes are working on together.

T-Flag Trendy Trendy South afrika

Clarita T-flag USA

The absolute bestseller is theUnion Jack” t-shirt for the right and proper, although the more commercial US… flag is on track to overtake…. but we think it would be a good idea to collect them all, after all, they’re just so lovely that you’ll want to own each and every aged-effect print and super cool swarosky stones?! And we wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of Italy either… although we can always wait for the World Cup for that, cos we are going to have to find something to wear when we catch up on the Cup with our supercool guys, aren’t we?

In the bestseller stakes, hot on the heels of this iconic wardrobe item that will never be outdone in terms of how many you possess (t-shirts are just so easy to buy), there’s a huge selection of coats and jackets that are just right for the weather we’re getting right now. The rain’s not a problem if you’ve got a K-Way Jacket to take with you wherever: it’s made of ultralight fabric and comes in three different colours – all of which look great with the PVC accessories. What’s more, the arms zip off for when the weather brightens up – leaving you in a get-noticed gilet. A trendy little number at a very affordable little price, especially for those of you who’re counting the pennies! Take a look here for an outfit suggestion.

Something along the same lines but more classic than creative, is the ultra light down jacket, currently number five on the bestsellers board. Sales have been steady since the start of the season, and have recently jumped up since the black version sold out. The white was very well received and will always be a much more summery colour despite the “winter warmer” feel of the jacket that’s just what you need when the sun goes down, or in your bag if you’re travelling to windier climes this summer: it will set off your tan to perfection and quash any shivers that may set in when the August sun fades into September …. making it a sound investment for seasons to come as well.
3rd and 4th in the bestseller list are both occupied by key pieces in our new TRENCH_CONNECTION series, in other words, spring cover ups that you want to be wearing right now, given the weather that seems to have anything but a it’s-nearly-summer feel about it. Comfy coats in soft fabrics with a huge appeal, that’s our classic trench currently in 3rd place, followed closely in 4th by the SHORT TRENCH, perfect over the MIM_ETNIQUE and POP_AFRIQUE moods.
Skipping from here back down to 7th we come to the SILK GEORGETTE TRENCH which also brings us to the TOTEM MINI DRESS that Karen Mok wore to the China Music Awards, as featured in a note on our official Facebook fanpage a few days ago.

Rounding off the top ten bestsellers are two fabulous satin suits that are flying off the shelves… here’s one maybe not quite as you would have expected to see it, as pictured by “LE MASCHIETTE” and published on our official Facebook fanpage.
So, we hope we’ve given you some useful ideas. As usual, all that remains for us to say is HAPPY SHOPPING!

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