Patrizia Pepe's futuristic, forties military man

One style, three different interpretations.
Just like girls, men like to establish their own personal style too, but that doesn’t stop them testing new waters (and new kinds of clothes) every now and then. The 2010 a/w Collection offers ample opportunity to do this, encouraging you to mix and match the different looks and inspirations: military, 40’s tailoring and futuristic touches.
The military mood has been interpreted with multi-functional coats and jackets, bags with printed medals and buckled belts. The dominant style for trousers are the armure-weave Cargo pants whilst the sweaters are mostly thick-knit. As for colour, earthy shades prevail with hints of classic green and beige.

The Classic range is a new take on the styles and spirit of the 1940’s, interpreted in a snappy, stylish silhouette.  A major feature are the tailored, double-breasted coats, gilets, and retro detailing like the felt hat. The jackets and trousers can be mixed and matched to create a variety of creative combinations. Grey and navy blue are the new black.

Plain colour uniforms assume a dark but undeniably military appeal, featuring however a post-modernist take on the essential rigour. Colour is the key factor, with black or very dark shades being the prevailing tones. Nylon jackets, jersey wool knit or shiny wool trousers and jackets, plain-coloured shirts, and sneakers with silver detailing set a feisty and high-impact style.

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