When I grow up I want to be a ballerina

I don’t know if you’ll have reached my speed of wearing out ballerina pumps, but I go through a pair a year at least. I use them so much that I literally wear them to bits! If there was such a thing as incentives to trade in old ones for a new pair, I’d be the first in the queue. This aside, I wonder if you’ve heard where these shoes came from…. well, there are various theories and various different sources to choose from on the subject.
The name kind of gives it away really; in the early 1800’s, ballerina Marie Taglioni danced in pointe shoes which were anything but comfortable, but her strength and intrepidness set the standard for subsequent trends in a fantasy world that little girls dream about. Going back in time to the French Revolution, heeled shoes were the predominant fashion, but when the governing classes were brought down, and hence also the prevailing styles, heels were deemed vulgar and disappeared from the wardrobes of aristocrats, and were replaced with flat shoes instead.
The materials used vary enormously, from silk and satin to leather, canvas, rubber, cotton or even patent leather. Now, if you don’t have the budget or fame of Audrey Hepburn and can’t afford a pair of Gattinoni’s, or are anything like Jacqueline Kennedy who got a new pair a month – see photo below – then I think you’ll agree with me that the fashion world needs (and already has the potential) to find a creative way of meeting us halfway.

Now, for the first time in a while, they haven’t been designated a fashion no-no this year, so if you still have some and they are still going strong, you are looking good to go. Otherwise, if you’d like to invest in a new pair, I would recommend some interesting shapes (not too way out), pastel shades or simple black, depending on the colour of your wardrobe (the clothes in it that is, not the wardrobe itself!). So it’s yes to bows and to any decorative details that make a noise, but I do have to draw the line at big, in-your-face roses, although patterns are good. After all, it we don’t make a statement with our accessories, then what else do we have left? I decided to recommend ballerina pumps because the shoe pictured in the photo is just what I need, designed by Patrizia Pepe and currently on sale for 33 euro. all my tips in these blogs are based on my own personal taste but at an easily-affordable price … after all, if the big labels are willing to negotiate, why not take advantage of their kindness and restock our shoe cupboards? (Like we need our arms twisted??!!) Au revoir till my next tip!

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