What everyone's wishing for: T-fruits on sale!

Tasty T-shirts!
We took a quick peep at your wishlists and we noticed that they all have something in common: T-fruits – the t-shirt with the tastiest of prints and the chicest tee in town! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand what the attraction is: it’s quirky, it’s fun and it has less attitude than some other t-shirts out there that are more slogan than sassy. It’s also colourful with the right amount of pizzazz to perk up your summer, not to mention the jet-setting dazzle from the Swarovski stones. It comes in two colours, black or white, each blazoned with a pop art print of a watermelon, blackberries, apple, chilli peppers, banana or strawberry and a classy sprinkling of sparkling rhinestones. T-fruits mean hours of endless fun, switching and swapping and playing around with outfits, and now that they’ve gone on sale (50% off!) there’s even more reason to get one!

The catwalk look was teamed with a pair shiny leggings, but you can work a T-fruit look however you want: how about a pair of sequined leggings if you’re feeling trendy, or a with denim shorts for an easy look, or under a fringed jacket for a more sophisticated feel. The absolutely perfect combo would be with the matching bag: get this fabric shopper with maxi strawberry… yummy or what!

Anything else you want to know about T-Fruits? Just click here and here!

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