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Hi everyone, since a lot of you have been asking how the Facebook promo codes and BONUS TIME in general work, we’ve jotted down a few extra details here for you…. but don’t forget to save this under your favourites, because it doesn’t take long to forget! Firstly, the promo codes are for use when you buy something at our official E-SHOP THE STORE, and since time is of the essence to bag yourself a BONUS code, it’s important that you have already registered. If you haven’t done it yet, registering takes some time so it’s better to be in a position just to enter your username and password to get out of the starting blocks quickly. To register as a new user, click REGISTER at the top right. Fill out the registration form in full as requested.
Good, that’s the first step completed, all you have to do now is to wait for the promo codes to be posted and try and bag yourself one. The codes are published randomly on the official Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/patriziapepe and under the official name PATRIZIA PEPE OFFICIAL.
As we mentioned earlier, when the codes are published, you have to be quick: log on right away to THE STORE and this time click LOGIN in the options at the top right… enter your credentials and confirm.
Got all that so far? The next thing to do is click PROFILE, open the edit profile tab and then COUPON. Then, as if by magic, a box will open for you to enter your magic code!!! Next, click ADD COUPON.
*** Notes on the validity of coupons and how they should be used in the purchase process *** EXPIRY DATE: the coupons are issued with an expiry date. This will be indicated when the codes are posted on the Facebook page. The expiry date is fixed and cannot be changed. When the value assigned to the user profile is reached, it is cancelled automatically. USING THE COUPON: the coupon is not a free gift, and for legal and tax reasons, can only be used to cover up to 50% of the total price of the purchase you want to make. Once the discount obtained through use of the coupon has been deducted, the remaining amount must be paid for with a credit card or on delivery. Some examples: – when your total spend is €60, you can pay €30 with a coupon and €30 with another form of payment – when you spend €80, you can pay €40 with a coupon and €40 as a separate payment – when you spend €100 you can pay €50 with a coupon and €50 with another form of payment, etc. Now, that should be everything to get you started! There’s not really anything else we have to tell you… other than be quick and good luck!


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