Patrizia Pepe T-World Cup

Especially for the 2010 South Africa World Cup, Patrizia Pepe presents T-WORLD CUP: a celebratory capsule collection that will delight both footie fans and Patrizia Pepe affionados in this summer’s footballing extravaganza!

Got-to-get-one t-shirts painted in Italy’s colours and quirky shorts provide a tongue-in-cheek way of showing off how fired up you are for the football, starring two irresistible characters… Patrizia Pepe ballerina and Little Boy!

For girls, Patrizia Pepe’s Patty Ballerina is wearing some very loud colours which combine with her cool and quirky charm to make her the spendiferous leading lady of Patrizia Pepe collections; this sumptuously chic tee (what a great crystallized effect) is for ladies looking for a comfy but ever glamourous, on-trend way of being part of the event of the year.
Little boy is the irresistible imp conjured up for the boy’s version; the handy, long-line tee was designed for men who like to smile at life and laugh off any pre-match nerves.
For the girls… team the tee with some Jelly Technicolour sunglasses (check out the crystals!) for a psychedelic pitch perspective while protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays beating down on the stands… and the shorts, to help distract the boys (just for a minute mind you) from their pre-match preoccupations!
Put it all together and what do you get? The T-World Cup Capsule Collection for fitness & fashion, but most importantly, for looking uber-cool when you’re whooping it up of an evening in front of the big screen.
For 90 minutes and more of style and high spirits, extra-time included.

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