How about a Valentine's present from us…

Specially for St. Valentine’s, Patrizia Pepe presents T-LOVE, matching lovebirds t-shirts…

The idea behind T-Love is to celebrate this special day in an irresistably chic way! Not only is the multi-colour print quirky and fun, it has been given a glam touch with a multicolour crystallized effect.
You can choose between two come-hither versions to shout your message out loud and clear…there’ll be no confusing your sentimental status with the two messages: “Found Love” and “Searching For Love”.
For the hopeless romantics amongst you who want more than just chocs and flowers, T-LOVE is the latest fashion must-have signed Patrizia Pepe as well as a nudge in the right direction for Cupid … leaving no room for error. And there’s more… T-LOVE … Patrizia Pepe invites you to crank up the glamour and team your t-shirt with a Capsule Collection of fantastic accessories… yes, it’s Patty Shine!… the number one glamour accessory of the year! It’s young, it’s colourful and it’s unisex… just what you need to get you noticed and in the centre of the attention. What is it? It’s a rubber bracelet in the latest shades (pink heart, white pearls, black) with a silver, heart-shaped buckle and pendant. It will wear itself on its own, or totally steal the show when teamed with the other colours, not to mention turn heads with the tinkling of the charms …!!!
P.S. … for an extra special effect, buy it from THE STORE and use our gift box, … we guarantee it will be a success!
… Happy Valentine’s Day!

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