Inside the new SS10 Woman's Collection… Themes and surprising facts

…….. Here’s everything you need to know about Patrizia Pepe’s New Spring/Summer Collection … unveiled with its official title: THE ROAD TO MOBASA…. Getting out of the city … with some detox sophistication to shrug off every form of stress, channelling a new kind of pretty. Easy-to-wear, big loud colours … floating on the hot African winds… to a new and unmapped territories of tribal glamour.
As usual, although it won’t always be the rule, the Collection is split into three mini-themes indicating the best time of day to wear them (day, evening, …) with various different colours, materials and styles setting each other off to perfection and allowing you to work them wherever, whenever, however.

So what about CITY SPA, where the metropolis is seen as the moving force inspiring us upwards and onwards. Urban living is a punchful of energy where we leave our problems behind us. The structured outerwear gives way to flowing skirts. Details take the hard edge off stiff fabrics: sequins, ruches and wisps of lace embellish dresses to dress for the softer side of city living. The fabrics and colours echo this new ecology: cotton, eco-leather, stress-free grey silks, organic green and vitamin orange. It’s all about glamour…. clean-cut and straight into Spring. Sequins, ruches, lace and pretty-as-a-picture dresses. The same effortless approach to dressing with a touch of glamour features in the activewear. Zips and sequins bring to life jackets teamed with shiny leggings and culottes…
Now we come to MIM-ETHNIQUE where shapes get softer the farther out of the city you go. Combat-style tops are curbed by ultra-feminine skirts and dresses. Lace, ruches, embroidered tulle, sequins and metallic taseling create quirky contrasts. Georgette skirts under drape militia jackets, ruffled inserts to soften stiff collars and shaped-shouldered shirts. You can’t get away from the tropical overtones, featured also in the prints. The ballerina, the recurrent picture in Patrizia Pepe prints, this time round is a regal Masai dancer…. with the same ethnic, chameleon-like colours. Camouflage green is teamed with haunting rose or the majesty of monochrome black or white.
Before we go… as summer draws nearer, we’ll tell you all about the final theme.. POP-AFRIQUE … don’t go away!

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  1. Mi piace tutto complimenti posso acuistare qualche copo di cuesta colezione.

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