Iphone Application V2 : want to hear the latest?

We’re behind schedule this time… we admit it! The new version has been online for more than a week now and we still haven’t given all our followers a decent “user guide” for the new functions. We hope you’ll forgive us with this article!

Let’s start with a few technical details, just to help any of you who aren’t familiar with our iPhone application: version 2.0 is now available at the App Store. To run it you need a fairly recent firmware, i.e anything after 3.1.. although we’re pretty sure that as dedicated iPhone users, you won’t have missed a chance to be up to date!

APP STORE search Patrizia Pepe

To get your hands on our application, just enter Patrizia Pepe in the search field.

Obviously you can do this straight from you iPhone or from your PC: in this case, the Apple website opens Itunes directly, pulling up the download page automatically.

It goes without saying that the application is free, all you need to do is click “BUY” to start installing.

Done? Well, all that remains to say is welcome aboard our “on the move” adventure.

Initial iPhone application menu The opening screen allows you to choose which way you want to interact with the Patrizia Pepe world: let’s be nonconformist and start form the last show which was probably the most interesting and most complete one. The LOOK BOOK function gives you an all-angles view of the catwalk shots for collections currently on sale in THE STORE.

 Lookbook selection Once you’ve picked the collection you want to see, tap to go to the “gallery” and grid of all the catwalk shots. Drag the thumbnails up one by one to view the content not shown in the first screen.

Lookbook grid selection map

One more touch will get you the full screen version: not only can you scroll back and forward in this mode (using the arrow keys at the bottom), you can zoom in and out using multiple fingers in true iPhone style.

A detail in minimum format from lookbook selection Tap the details key at the top to switch to an interactive menu where you can see all the details on your selected look. In one quick glance you have all the item codes you might need right in front of you: and that’s not all, one more touch and you can select the garment and add it to your wishlist (to send via email). And if you’d rather see the real thing than order it online, the “STORE LOCATOR” function will scan to find your nearest stores based on your location.

Detailed image from lookbook with functions

A list will pop up of all “Patrizia Pepe Shops” in your area sorted by distance (the nearest first).

Shopping option about product detail from lookbook

If you’ve found the shop nearest to you but don’t know how to get there, why not interact further with your iPhone and let it take you there using the integrated Google Maps® function in this supersonic smartphone??? With another touch you can select the alternative call rather than locate option to phone the shop: it couldn’t be simpler or quicker! Options over Patrizia Pepe Store map gives opportunity to locate/call

Interactions of Patrizia Pepe iPhone application with Maps® from Google I’ve been a bit longwinded with the explanations but you have to admit it, this is one cool app! Don’t you think? The STORE LOCATOR function should be fairly self-explanatory given that we’ve already talked about how easy it is to locate and interact with our stores. Obviously the menu itself presents the full range of options, like finding alternative locations through geolocation or by choosing an area of interest.

Other new features that have been added since the first launch is the VIDEO option which lets you download and view from your iPHone videos of catwalk shows unveiling Patrizia Pepe’s latest creations (what a dandy, seemed just like Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada!!!) I think that’s enough of the explanations, other than a quick note on the size of the videos and tips for how best to view them: in fact, videos can be viewed by tapping the Main Menu for Video Function option which opens streaming mode, which for the non-techies amongst you means viewing contents in real time.

We’ve cut the videos so they can be used on mobile devices like iPhones, after all, we want the experience to be just as special, just like you were right there, so the size of the video has been reduced just enough to make sure it plays perfectly over all networks.

Our tip? Tap DOWNLOAD to start downloading the video content (which saves to your iPhone so you can watch it whenever you want) then when it has completed, click VIEW to play it back.

Enjoy the show!

Now I just want to mention quickly the SHOP ONLINE section that some of you will have already had the chance to see and try out: there’s no major change here, just the chance as you will immagine to select from our latest WOMEN’S and MEN’S collections… But if you want more info, here’s one little insight: we’re working on a way to let you buy straight from your iPhone… it won’t be long now, even though paying from a mobile is still unexplored territory. That’s about it then, I’ll be off, have fun!

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