Iphone Application V2 : want to hear the latest?

We’re behind schedule this time… we admit it! The new version has been online for more than a week now and we still haven’t given all our followers a decent “user guide” for the new functions. We hope you’ll forgive us with this article!
Let’s start with a few technical details, just to help any of you who aren’t familiar with our iPhone application: version 2.0 is now available at the App Store. To run it you need a fairly recent firmware, i.e anything after 3.1.. although we’re pretty sure that as dedicated iPhone users, you won’t have missed a chance to be up to date!
geolocation or by choosing an area of interest.
Other new features that have been added since the first launch is the VIDEO option which lets you download and view from your iPHone videos of catwalk shows unveiling Patrizia Pepe’s latest creations (what a dandy, seemed just like Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada!!!) I think that’s enough of the explanations, other than a quick note on the size of the videos and tips for how best to view them: in fact, videos can be viewed by tapping the Tweet

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