The new Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection? …Who is Patrizia!

Ever wondered how an advertising campaign comes about? Especially a new one…
Well, the new Autumn/Winter 2010 collection is here. Our single-brand shops and the online STORE have already started to stock and sell the first few pieces.

You’ll be used to us confusing you by now…we’ve got the Spring/Summer 2010 sales coming and the Autumn/Winter collection hitting the shops.. not to mention the men’s Spring/Summer 2011 hitting the catwalk!! So that’s a lot of information to take in and process, maybe even be information overload… leaving us confused as to what we actually like the best. What’s more, as the new winter collections hit the shops, the new advertising campaigns are being rolled out … and like every year, we’re faced with more beautiful models (often in the wildest of poses), captured on film by a host of hotshot photographers (… famous and the soon to be), set in locations that leave you in no doubt as to how important the brand is. Everything is as you would expect.. and nothing that you might not. When you flick through a newspaper or magazine (more adverts than news these days) have you ever felt that the pictures all look a bit the same? We have. That’s why we decided to do something a bit different… We wanted the focus to be our clothes, we wanted them to stand out, we wanted to speak to the women who buy them and to the women who haven’t come across them yet, we wanted to intrigue and do something a little different from, well, from advertising that’s kind of samey and with no real message… instead of just coming out and saying we designed these clothes just for you and for all the things you do during the day.

This is what Patrizia has wanted to do from day 1, and to achieve it we’ve always looked for the best partners… This is also why we enlisted the help of TBWA, a well-known advertising agency that has long been communicating for global clients the world over (putting together campaigns for Campari, Mini, Audi, Absolute, etc…) across every media (print, TV,radio, internet etc….) and coming up with “distruptive” ideas that somehow ask better questions and articulate visions faster and better….not just through pretty pictures (which are still a feature) but also the message conveyed. In other words, in the Patrizia Pepe world, communication and advertising actually do it says on the box… telling you something about ourselves, about what we do, what we would like to be and above all, in a way that means something to whoever is Watching Listening Doing, Sharing, always with our trademark style, fashion and quality. That’s how the new Who is Patrizia? campaign came about, and we’d like you to have some fun with it now on our official new website, yes that’s right, we said have some fun… because it’s a campaign you can Watch: (and the clothes are the starring attraction); Listen to: because an off-scene commentary talks you through who Patrizia is; Interact with: because your answers will lead you to who Patrizia Pepe is for you; Share: because if you share your result and your experience with Patrizia, you will have truly captured the sense of this campaign. So… are you ready to find out Who is Patrizia?

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