The many looks of Patrizia (part II)

Lots of personality, lots of looks
The identity of our TV advert’s leading lady remains a bit of a mystery, as thanks to some clever shots and strategically placed hair her face is still a secret. But while we may not know who she is, we certainly can’t miss her style and spirit.
She strides confidently down the stairs and straight across to her car, wearing an outfit that is as stylish as it is feisty: nappa leather and fur jacket, long, button detail gloves, ruched leather bag and pinstripe trousers.

New scene, new look. Donning a jacket with intricate sleeve detailing, she steps out of a taxi delving about in her leather day clutch, realizing that she may have left something in the cab: she’s high-powered, she’s hyperactive, and while she oozes energy we see she’s also human…

As night falls, our leading lady also reveals her softer, more romantic side as she embraces and kisses her man. Clearly a lot of careful thought has gone into picking an eye-catching outfit: the voluminous, feathered skirt is set off to perfection by a tight-fitting, figure-hugging jacket ….for a perfect result!

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