Kinect and Patrizia Pepe

Microsoft Kinect and Patrizia Pepe
Microsoft staged a big launch event in Milan on 9 November to unveil its latest toy: Kinect, the new full-body gaming system for Xbox 360. Kinect gives us a whole new gaming experience, allowing us to play and interact with the Xbox using only the movement of our bodies and a video camera. In other words, you are the controller! The many features were illustrated during the course of the evening, and the Patrizia Pepe-clad event hostesses invited guests to try out the controller for themselves. Then Giulia Pasquariello, E&D Microsoft Product Marketing Manager, took to the stage wearing the Patrizia Pepe celebrity feather skirt and military-style jacket to perform to perfection as a ballerina in the Dance Central game. This could be the start of another revolution in which latest generation gaming meets fashion…..

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