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MILITARY JACKETS & JEGGINGS MON AMOUR! OK, you’re right… summer is still in full swing, some of you have just gone on holiday and some have still to go… so how can we possibly be thinking about winter already? Well, the temptation to lift the lid on what we’ve got cooking is just too much, and we’ve got some great ideas on how you can start wearing some key pieces from the New Collection while it’s still summer. In fact, we’re bringing you some tips straight from the Style Team on how to put your very best foot forward in the new season…

The key words are military jackets & jeggings … Want to learn more? … Well, the trend is based on the iconic

tailcoat, which the dictionary tells us is a type of dresscoat worn on formal occasions by men, with a swallow tail at the back.

Did you catch our last blog on the themes of the collection? If you did, you’ll know that the utilitarian, military feel is the latest fashion trend, and a military jacket in whatever style or material you prefer will keep you right where you need to be: on trend.

Jeggings: a fashion creation combining the words jeans and leggings, meaning leggings which are styled to look like skinny jeans.

Take the two and put them together, and you’ve got an outfit just waiting to be worn… a military jacket to throw on as the sun goes down.. and add some perfect pomp to a pair of super sexy jeggings, maybe with a Ballerina print t-shirt too… a truly must-have Patrizia Pepe garment.

And there’s more… The jeggings team nicely with soft, flowing stretch silk orDeluxe Japanese nylon shirts, or any one of your wardrobe favourites (top, t-shirt, shirt…) What about shoes? Well, we’ve got that covered too… the new All Season Boots have just hit our shops. Wear them now barefoot then work them all winter with tights or a nice soft pair of winter woolly socks.


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