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Precious Waste @ Patrizia Pepe

Any bona fide fashion lover will know that the fashion system is anything but a world in itself, instead, it is a planet at the centre of a myriad of rotating satellites. Without a doubt, one of these is the art world. Patrizia Pepe, always a trendsetter/spotter and hive of creativity, is also an avid promoter of contemporary culture and emerging artists, getting involved in the organisation of exhibitions and installations.

From 14 June to 16 September, Precious Waste, Arabeschi di latte, a project by Ronaldo Fiesoli will be hosted in the Patrizia Pepe headquarters. The exhibition features several intricate small sets starring coffee grounds, soap and cherry stones to celebrate slow design and convey an important message.

Attention focuses on recovery in a sort of echo of bygone traditions: old habits form the basis of new production processes starting from what you’re left with, even when it seems like it’s no longer fit for its original purpose. In it’s simplicity and directness, the installation captures the idea of cause and effect through the waste products placed alongside their subsequent uses.

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9.30/12.30 – 14.30/18.30 by appointment only (tel. 055874441) Patrizia Pepe building Via Gobetti7/9 50013 Capalle – Florence

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