Girls & shoes (on sale!)

Girls and shoes = fatal attraction
The legendary Marilyn used to sing that diamonds were a girl’s best friend. Well, she was wrong. Because without a shadow of a doubt, that role belongs to shoes. A brand, spanking new pair of heels can often achieve far more than therapy: smoothing over a bad day or softening the blow of a big disappointment. Just like Carrie Bradshaw says, a pair of heels can make you feel irresistible. So, a great pair of shoes can send morale soaring and self-confidence to dizzy new heights. Which makes the choice of what we put on our feet as we weave our way around the world a very, very important one. The first step is never to lose sight of what we want from our shoes. If you’re not one to blend into the woodwork, then go for the sexy platform sandals with sky-high heels.

Or, if it’s glamour that won’t hurt your feet you’re after , then these strappy wedges with hard stone detailing are just the job.

If on the other hand, colour is a key consideration, then how about this patent sandal that works not just one but two of the season’s trendiest colours: Tiffany blue with moleskin colour detailing (or maybe we should call it Particuliere like the cult Chanel nail varnish shade).

Do you like being different? Then this baby-face, baby-shade court shoe has you written all over it.

If you’re on holiday and taking some time out from your heels, then why not wow with some clever details instead? There’s the flat sandal with multi-coloured stones and charms, or these must-have strawberry red rubber pumps

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