Spring/Summer 2010 Occasion Wear Easy Outlet No. 1

… hot on the heels of the Men’s version which straight from the mouth of the Stylist, here’s another easy-peasy guide to occasion dressing! Do you already have 2, 3, 4 weddings or ceremonies to attend in Spring/Summer 2010? … or maybe another one in September when it’s not quite cold enough for winter wear?
Sometimes you find yourself with more than one event that you certainly can’t wear the same thing to… all the same friends or relatives will be there, but maybe your budget won’t stretch to all the alternatives you’d like to have…
True to form, we like to think we can help you out with some useful style tips to help you make the right purchases and if possible, with the least effort but maximum result.

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The easiest option is to limit the number of items you need to buy and maybe mix and match them to create several different outfits. Did you know that adding arm warmers can totally transform a dress??? You could start by choosing your accessories in that case. In fact, breaking all the normal rules, a pair of sandals, peep-toe pumps or court shoes can all be worked in different outfits, creating a brand new look each time. The main thing is to choose the right colour, perhaps a classic black, although experimenting with nude colours that lift and illuminate darker combinations can also be fun. The same applies to the choice of bag, which DOESN’T have to match your shoes… as your granny might have insisted… quite the opposite in fact, a bag in a different colour tone would be quirky (like light blue on a dark blue dress) or a strong colour to bring a bit of glam to a “total black” look. …
And … bearing in mind that yours truly isn’t a big fan of black at weddings, as good etiquette dictates that black is for evening dress or funeral attire only… if it’s “total black” you’re after, there’s something for everyone, from the ruffle dress to the viscous, silk-effect jerseycamisole dress, or silk chiffon dress which is an absolute MUST for a special occasion.. so much so that it has become a Patrizia Pepe Every Season Super Style, now available in a range of bang-on-trend colours! There are suits with jacket and short or full-length trousers, perfect with sequin tops, either the backless or multi version ….the shimmering top part can be reworked in another occasion over a simple tee.. and the sequins change colour depending on which direction you wear them in!!

Outlet CEREMONY Selection, i top seller

And what about colours? … no problem, if you have a browse through the catalogue you’ll find just what you’re looking for! … not just monochrome shades, but patterns too. For starters, we suggest jacquard or geometric (best seller!!), as well as the tone-on-tone lace which is the ultimate in sophistication in the two, special-occasion colours!
What are you waiting for? We know we’ve got just the answer, whatever the event or occasion… and while we may be on the brink of a new season and the sun is getting warmer, you’ll never go wront with a wrap, a mac, or a trench coat to cover your shoulders or to stay warm in the not quite summer yet evening chill… click here to find just what you’re looking for!

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