T-Flag targets reached


School desks and beds for Terre des Homme’s Casa del Sole
have been delivered to Haiti through the “T-Flags” Patrizia Pepe Capsule Collection.

In just two months, the first target in the joint project involving Terre des Hommes and Patrizia Pepe was reached, i.e. to fund a Casa del Sole home in Haiti.
Indeed, nearly 10,000 t-shirts from the “T-Flag Capsule Collection have been sold, generating enough funds to buy 180 school desks and 50 children’s beds for Terre des Hommes’ Casa del Sole home in Port au Prince, Haiti. The ultimate objective of the project is to adopt the entire Casa del Sole and all its activities to help children through the sale of T-Flags in more than 960 shops around the world.
Terre des Hommes, an international organisation that has been defending the rights of children for over 50 years, is building Case del Sole homes for children in Haiti, and from where they campaign for their right to an education, health care and protection from violence and exploitation. They also provide shelter, protection, medical care, psychological support and nutrition for children in the community. With Patrizia Pepe’s help, funds are now available to buy 180 school desks to accommodate 360 children from the primary school currently in construction, and 50 beds for children up to age 4, currently staying at the Sacre Coeur Casa del Sole home for orphans and abandoned children in Port au Prince, Haiti.
T-Flag is the new Capsule Collection signed Patrizia Pepe, featuring 15 t-shirts in the colours of 15 world flags. To draw attention to the initiative a video was made which has been viewed more than 120,000 times on the official Patrizia Pepe page on YouTube. Equally popular is the Phone Game, that can be downloaded via the Patrizia Pepe iphone application.
The Phone Game also generates further contributions to the project: when you get through all levels of the game in a reasonable amount of time, Patrizia Pepe makes a further donation to the Terre des Hommes Casa del Sole Sacre Coeur orphanage in Haiti.
Terre des Hommes has been on the frontline for more than 50 years, protecting children from violence, abuse and exploitation and assuring each one a place at school, an informal education, medical care, and food. It currently works in 65 countries, running almost 1000 projects in aid of children. Terre des Hommes in Italy is a member of the Terre des Hommes International Federation, and works in partnership with ECHO and has been accredited by the European Union, the United Nations and the Italian Foreign Ministry. For further information, visit www.terredeshommes.it

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