A Halloween that' so glam it's scary!

Have a look at some scarily stylish looks for the wildest night the year.

Zombies, ghosts, witches and the like are all twitching as they get ready to pounce and invade our towns on 31 October. Halloween, the spooky festival that is a celebrated all over the USA, Canada and Northern Europe, is slowly but surely catching on here in Italy too. The dark nights and mysterious faces hidden behind gruesome masks make it one of the wildest nights of the year. Faces are most commonly hidden behind Jack o’ Lanterns,  Screams, Frankenstein and Dracula masks or just disfigured or bleeding heads.
To get right into the spirit of Halloween, your face needs to be gruesome, but for an even better result, why not team a horror mask with an even “scarier” look? On the night of Halloween, you can be just like the stars of the Who is Patrizia? advertising campaign, with some screaming styling and a hidden face.  So it’s OK to full-on black and some gothic details to get the best get up for the wildest night of the year…
If you’d like to be a Beautiful Monster that glows in the dark, then the all-over sequinned dress with low back is perfect with the soft nappa ankle boots.

If you’re going to be spending Halloween out and about in the city, the best outfit for you is this down jacket with cable wool inserts, superslim military style, satin trousers and sandals with chain decoration.

If you’d like to be a classy witch, then try playing around with these: armure-weave jacket with lurex, matching dress and studded ankle boot. You’ll be the chicest, most sophisticated witch out there, whatever mask you choose!

If super girly is definitely the look you’re after, even with a monster mask, the ideal outfit is this ruffled, studded dress, the rabbit-fur wrap and over-the-knee boot.

So… Are you ready for a scream of an evening?

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