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How to wear the coolest, best-selling looks of the season

It’s nearly time, the countdown to the big event has started! What’s about to happen… is Halley’s Comet due to appear? Is the Slovakia-Italy game about to kick off? Has Obama found a way to stop the oil spill? No…. in a few weeks it’s going to be sale time!Now, whilst every woman on the planet, fashion lover or not, will experience the same trepidation as she waits for the big day, the way we actually approach the sales depends on our individual personalities. With this in mind, we’ve drawn up three different sales-addicted profiles.
1)      First, there’s the Serial-basic who is a bit of a thinker. Her wishlist is made up more or less of wardrobe staples, with clearly selected models and colours. She can’t rest during the sales until she’s secured the jeans mini she’d been eyeing for ages, the timeless T-shirt and the absolutely to-die-for black strappy wedges. A lot of forethought obviously goes into this type of shopping, but just in case people think she’s boring and flat, the serial-basic then mixes up her cult clothes with some snappy accessories, teaming classic with more fashionable items.

2)      Then there’s the Trendy icon who is wild and carefree. You can spot her in a group of friends because she’s the one wearing what everyone else would like to be wearing but isn’t, cos they didn’t feel brave enough to. At sale time, she heads for the lead pieces that dominated the advertising campaigns of her favourite brands, she adores dresses/jumpsuits, sequined accessories and fluo leather sandals. And when it all comes together, it really is impressive! What’s our tip for trendy icon girls? Try not to become a victim of your personality, don’t pick something just because it’s “in”, but also because it looks good on your body shape.

3)      Finally, there’s the Fashion geek who is extremely knowledgeable. She reads fashion magazines and can tell you all the themes of the coming collections. When she goes to the sales, she looks for the accessories, colours and clothes with the detailing she knows are going to hit the shops next season. Military-style dresses, charm necklaces and single-shoulder mini dresses. The Fashion Geek never gets it wrong and she’s forward-thinking, although sometimes she tends to let keeping up with fashion get in the way of her own taste. What kind of woman are you? We’ve got a tip for you all… it doesn’t matter what category you fall into: just indulge, have some fun, and take a look at our selection of bestsellers which may not even make it to the sales…

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