Inside the new SS10 Men's Collection… Themes and surprising facts

As all good insiders do, we’re here to unveil the secrets and spill the beans on how the Style Team came up with the new Patrizia Pepe Spring/Summer 2010 Men’s Collection. It’s official name is POSITIVE ATTITUDE, and it’s not just a name, it’s what every look in this collection has a lot of. Each and every item channels clear-cut lines that buck the trend to convey energy, colour and form when you might have expected the opposite.

Modern cities, where ethnic backgrounds, cultures and costumes meet, have been given a makeover: the keep-up or get-out pace has given way to a more balanced approach, the melancholy concrete greys have been set aside and replaced with a whole palette of natural, warm tones.
Military nuances brush shoulders with ethnic flashes in a new take on everyday urban dressing: easy-to-wear looks, crumpled suits, soft silhouettes, and sun-faded hues are the defining features of this quest for CITY RELAX. … in perfect harmony with the CITY SPA theme in the Women’s Collection!

So it’s a whole new vision that looks towards late afternoon, a time that all of a sudden finds itself with a truckload of energy, irony and colour; this is when everything that’s been kept under taps during the day finally breaks loose: it’s UPPER DINNER time, where clean-cut looks mingle with natural tones and flashes of colour.

It’s the preliminaries for wild, party-fuelled nights: electronic music and rave parties, packed full of streetwise young people cutting a psychedelic, flamboyant pace. Romantic pageants filled with a new generation of Bohemians openly sporting their own style and rewriting the rules of what’s smart and what’s not: a NIGHT CULTURE where you can let your creative spirit run free in the most positive of ways.

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