There’s no getting away from this Asian style monsoon season that seems to have set upon us for the duration of the weekend and all next week too. What a drag …just when we were getting into summer… we were even imagining balmy summer evening strolls with no heavy jacket to worry about. But what did we get? Thrown back into the throes of winter in a matter of days. Sob!
And look what’s forecast for Saturday.. Well, one’s thing for sure, we can’t change what Mother Nature has lined up for us, but we can have a bit of fun dealing with it.
Here’s what we’ve come up with:


Newsletter image for Trench Connection

We’re working on the assumption that: rain storms expected for most of May, all day every day, and no one knows what to wear. The problem is finding something quick to throw on to keep out the wind, the damp and maybe even waterproof too. A wool sweater? A winter jacket? Definitely not the best choices, as you could end up cooking when the sun comes out when you least expect it. Maybe at 6.30pm just as you’re leaving the office and dashing to meet some friends. There’s nothing worse than a heavy coat that you don’t know what to do with… or something that’s too light to keep the chill out when the breeze picks up. We’re always hearing people say “there’s no spring anymore, it’s just straight into summer”. We don’t agree… there definitely is a spring, and finding the right thing for your spring wardrobe is not always easy!
THE TRENCH CONNECTION is what we’ve lined up for you this week. There are jackets and coats for every taste and for every budget, choose from the collection or outlet pieces for Men and Women: take a look at the assortment and no doubt you’ll find just the right spring cover-up, showerproof jacket, or raincoat for you!
Our recommendations? In the OUTLET area you’ll find the first discounts (30%) for end-of-range items … but hurry, they’ve been selling like hotcakes since last night!
MEN’S OUTLET – 30% off Outlet prices: there’s the fantastic PARKA and NYLON BOMBER (very low stock), two very special offers not to be missed.
WOMEN’S OUTLET – 30% off Outlet prices: we’ve got the TONE-ON-TONE TRENCH to inject a bit of colour into these dull days, and the fabulous DOUBLE-FABRIC TRENCH WITH STRETCH LACE, a last-season bestseller that was also a firm favourite this season through the Outlet.
So what are you waiting for? Come hail or shine, you’ll always look GLAM in a trench!

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