Pepe weather report: another front on the way! Leather out everyone!!

So far we’ve only witnessed a few hesitant signs of Spring. For a few days, we breathed in the fragrance of early flowers and the pervasive scent of freshly cut grass … just a fleeting experience, soon to be ousted by the abrupt return of a wintry chill.
And what’s happening in our wardrobes? On the one hand it’s hard to discard the odds and ends that keep us warm, and protect us from the icy northern wind, on the other… we’ve really had enough of puffa jackets and overcoats!
The true alternative, for the brave and fearless, is leather!!! If you’re fed up with feeling clumsy and encumbered by the heavier, warmer fabrics, or being blown out by down-filled garments, give your outfits a brand new look by wearing one of the fantastic jackets proposed in this Spring Summer collection by Patrizia Pepe.
Here’s a truly fabulous model: warm to the touch, and really comfortable, this Suede sports jacket belongs to the “EVERY SEASON SUPER STYLE” series: at the time of writing this, incidentally, only very few pieces are still available. Those of you who favour the biker/rock star style will find irresistible proposals among the “basic models” and in the “BIKER PRINCESS” series. For an edgier, meaner look, keep your eye on the trendsetting models in this year’s Spring collection:

Lavato in capo con lacci al collo e medagliette

Garment-washed with drawstrings and medals

Nappa leather studded biker jacket

Nappa leather studded biker jacket

Chiodo pelle stampa effetto "struzzo"

All teamed with the Kephia scarf of course (mega-bestseller in the new season) in extra-light cotton with print.
Cotton Kephia

Cotton Kephia

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