Patrizia Pepe and the present jungle (for her)

Is a present a measure of friendship? Clinically speaking, you could say that a gift is the thermometer of love and friendship. When we get a present, it can reveal many things not just about the person who gave it to us but also about the relationship we have with her. One object can answer a lot of questions. Does he/she know me well? Do they know what I like? Do they care about me? In other words, getting a present wrong can be a real Christmas no-no. The Store is here to help you weave your way through the present jungle and get the very best one (and more importantly, stop you from making any present blunders!) Do you want a big-hearted present? When you buy a T-Flag (the iconic flag t-shirts with a sprinkling of sparkly rhinestones) you can help to support Terre Des Hommes, the international organisation that strives to defend the rights of children in developing countries. The charity t-shirt combines a good action with some great style. Think hard about what to get your trendiest pal, try to go for a timeless piece with all the must-have features of the season and some serious sophistication at the same time… just like the Patty Ballerina Capsule Collection t-shirt with gold military-style shoulder pieces and Swarovski diamante detailing and brooch. The perfect thing to bring some bling to a party girl’s outfit is this all-over sequinned clutch or Swarovski-diamante buckle belt. Something that mixes up easy casual with an original touch is this wool cashmere hat that works as a scarf too. There are also matching long gloves with a cute bow and Patrizia Pepe logo medal, available in a variety of colours. A gift idea that could transform an easy-chic look is the set of coloured stone brooches or pins with bows and logo charms, like these ones from the Only 4 Stylish Girls range. Are you in a bit of a quandary over what to buy your fashionista pal? The perfect present for the girl who knows that no true fashionista can be without some cool accessories is this key ring or charm ring featuring the theme of the Who is Patrizia advertising campaign with some irresistible packaging!

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