Patrizia Pepe and the present jungle (for him)

Two hearts and … a present Clinically-speaking, a present could be the thermometer of love. The parcel we give someone can reveal a lot about us and it can also answer a lot of questions that sometimes he doesn’t want to ask… Does she really know me? Does she understand my tastes… or does she want to change me? In other words, the wrong present can really put a couple in a hot spot. The Store is here to help you weave your way through the present jungle and get the very best one (and more importantly, stop you from making any present blunders!) Your boyfriend may not have rock star ambitions, but if he likes his clothes stylish with some trendy details, how about this printed jersey cotton t-shirt to team with a wool cardigan.


Keffiyeh is perfect.

tie available in blue and black that he can wear with a suit or simple shirt and waistcoat.

hat or felt one for dapper city dressers. How chic! Tweet

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