Sales guide no. 2 – the return of the best sellers! (4 him)

Sales: the last chance (for him). For us women, shopping is not just going out to get something we need, it’s about buying a bit of an ego-boost, something to cheer us up, or a way of having some fun…. Men, on the other hand, don’t really get this whole “shopping as therapy” thing. Less whimsical than us ladies, they don’t really care about colour or get excited about accessories. Details are skimmed over to get to the brass tacks of the issue, which are fit, price, fabric. Nothing more, nothing less. Items make it onto a man’s wishlist by their expected lifetimes, meaning that what might be a flash in the pan purchase for a woman is actually everlasting love for a man. This explains why men are so interested in bestsellers, and the Patrizia Pepe store has some real steals in this department at the moment. We’ve been rooting around in our stockrooms and have come up with some of your favourites which didn’t make it to the sales right away, as at first glance they seemed to have sold out long before that. But they’re back in a store near you now! That’s why you’re getting a second chance to get your hands on the white shirt and double-breasted cardigan, for some dressed-down cool with a pair of denim shorts and a pair of sneakers or coloured moccasins.

This is classic dressing which, don’t forget, you can add your own twist too with some statement accessories to either crank it up or dress it down. All it takes is an open-work leather belt or a colour-wash t-shirt to give even the simplest of combinations a Bohemian feel, or a messenger bag to bring a touch of glamour to a classic outfit.

When bestsellers are literally jumping off the shelves at you, another option is to buy more than one and mix up the different styles. Take these classic trousers for example, which could be perfect with a jacket on a special occasion, or laid-back casual with a short-sleeve shirt and a pair of aged-effect sneakers

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