THE STORE is giving you 3 presents for it's birthday!

It’s The Store’s birthday and the presents are all for you!
Patrizia Pepe’s THE STORE is 2 today: over these two years we’ve changed how it looks and extended the Collections … the only thing we haven’t changed are the special offers! True to form, we have yet more surprises and promotions up our sleeves, this time for The Store’s birthday we have 3 presents for you:
A not to be missed  30% off all Women’s, Men’s and Only4 Outlet, free delivery for all collections and the best-selling AW2010 Patrizia Pepe City” shopping bag FREE with every order.

This is a grab-it-now kind of offer valid until midnight on 14 December!
Is it bad weather out? Does it keep raining, clearing up, clouding over again? Maybe you’re fed up that the weather can’t make up its mind and you’ve made up yours to tackle it head on? Well, let the Women’s, Men’s and Only 4 Outlet give you a hand! You’ll feel on top of the world in these figure fabulous super slim-fit vintage effect trousers while the soft ruffles of the Korean collar shirt will take the hard edge off the nappa calfskin, python effect bomber jacket that will definitely turn heads; just add the wool and cashmere scarf and you’re all set to go!
For the perfect finish, don’t forget the ankle boot with metal studded leather straps criss-crossing over the front!

There’s nothing better for Stylish Girls than an on-trend but not over the top look that has all the potential to get you noticed: clean-cut and girly just like the latest trend of mixing statement pieces with classic staples that can be worked to perfection time after glamorous time!
If you love easy chic then you just have to own these dark-wash and slightly flared jeans teamed with the studded belt, roll-neck angora jumper and double-breasted coat with logo belt and buttons.

There’s plenty for the Patrizia Pepe man too! In this season of goodwill and gift-giving, the Outlet has hordes of snap-me-up surprises.
In the Patrizia Pepe Men’s Collection we suggest these stretch wool, slim-fit and oh-so comfy trousers that you can team with this v-neck wool jumper, a favourite that you really can’t afford to be without!
The lined leather biker jacket and vintage leather boots are perfect whatever the occasion, whether you’re going for the sporty look or giving a “serious” outfit a bit of edgy appeal. If you’re feeling the cold start to bite, we recommend some pure wool gloves to take on even Artic temperatures with style!


  1. come si fa a usufruire di questo sconto?
    se vado sul sito i prezzi indicati sono quelli normali.

    • Carmen,… perdonaci abbiamo visto il tuo commento solo ora… la promo era valida ieri e sulle sole collezioni Outlet… lì potevi vedere i prezzi con lo sconto. per la prossima volta, usa la chat on line (in alto a destra nel sito) così ti rispondiamo in tempo reale! A presto

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