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The weather seems to testing our patience of late, so we decided it was up to us to bring a little light and bright into our days. But then a tiny ray of sun broke through today and we just couldn’t resist…

Further to our various suggestions on how to dress for the inclement weather, we thought we’d go over some seasonal musts, like the T-collection and Capsule Collections: a Total Easy Wear way to work Patrizia Pepe.
Try the jersey cotton loungewear teamed with fun accessories like the necklaces, bags and flip flops, in other words, there’s a lot of fun to be had with these collections, which are great if you want teenage trends or go for the more grown up look.

In the past few blogs we’ve mentioned the fantabulous T-Flag collection which is still topping the bestseller list. Just in case you don’t know, it’s part of the project that Patrizia Pepe is working on with Terres des Hommes to help Haiti. As part of this project, we’ve created a range of some 15 t-shirts, each one with a vintage print of the flag of one of the countries represented.

These are just a few of the hundreds of photos you sent us to show how you’re all taking part in this great initiative.

We thought we’d let you see the the version for the girls and the rather more “unusual” way our boys are wearing them.

While we’re talking T-Collection… do you remember Patrizia Pepe’s fantastic T-Fruits? T-shirts with piece of fruit on the front.. from lemons to apples, watermelon, oranges and way more ..each laden with Swarovsky stones. To put it another way, there’s no excuse not to get fruity, and in two versions as well: white and black.

From here we can’t help but talk to you about the Capsule Collections as well, starting with the iconic and lotsa-fun T-Tea for anyone who would choose a cuppa at tea time over a bit of fruit.. so just for you we’ve put a teapot, some teabags and some donuts on the front of this collection, yet again embellished with a cascade of Swarovsky stones.

And let’s not forget the cute T-Love collection. For all of you with love to shout out about, Patrizia Pepe has come up with something for everyone, designing a t-shirt for ladies that are loved-up and another option if you’re looking for love.

Then there’s the terrific T-Peace made with a clever, eco-friendly colours to convey messages of peace.

As we continue in our perusal of the T-Collections, what about this new entry, the T-VIP? Patrizia Pepe has come up with a new way to bring a little celebrity sparkle into your everyday life. The t-shirts in this collection are all sprinkled with sequins for some anytime, anywhere glam factor.
If you’re working the “Urban” look then let us recommend this season’s must-have Patrizia Pepe bag, i.e. the PVC tote” that people

just can’t stop talking about it’s so unique as well as being a very practical and very girly piece of arm candy.

So what can we say? Get yourself a piece of the collections!

Happy shopping everyone…

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