T-Flag! Target reached…

Child-sized furnishings Patrizia Pepe style
for the new Terre des Hommes children’s home in Haiti

The more than 50 children hosted in the Sacre Coeur centre in Haiti will soon be moving into the very welcoming Casa del Sole building that Terre des Hommes has built on the site of the previous building destroyed in the earthquake. All the child-friendly furnishings and fittings made by local craftsmen were donated by Patrizia Pepe through the Capsule Collection of “T-Flags we launched with the sole intention of funding this initiative.

“In a country such as Haiti, sapped by the cholera epidemic and upheaval over the elections, we managed to achieve our objective: to build a centre where children are very effectively protected from trafficking, abuse and exploitation, and where they can be themselves and live their childhood in peace, even without their parents”, explained Luca Guerneri, a Terre des Hommes representative in Port au Prince. “They will be helped in this by a very homely building and furniture designed specifically for children, which is really quite rare here in Haiti. The new Sacre Coeur children’s home will open as soon as the visit from the local Children’s Inspectorate is over and we receive the necessary permit to work with minors, which will definitely happen by Christmas.”

“We are really excited to hear how successful our creation has been, and how T-Flags can seriously make things better for a lot of children whose lives have been devastated by the earthquake” Patrizia Pepe CIO Marco Ruffa commented. “This proves just how successful the fashion-solidarity partnership can be, when it’s built on a true sense of responsibility towards people living in a place where they are denied their fundamental human rights.”
The money raised by Patrizia Pepe will also fund the purchase of 180 school desks for 360 children in the Sacre Coeur school that Terre des Hommes is building nearby.
“We could have imported ready-made furniture, but we felt it was more important to actively support the local economy, trying to produce all necessities locally” Luca Guerneri concluded. Work on the school should be completed by the end of February 2011.

Terre des Hommes has been on the front line for more than 50 years, protecting children from violence, abuse and exploitation and assuring each one a place at school, an informal education, medical care, and food. It currently works in 65 countries, running almost 1000 projects targeting children. Terre des Hommes in Italy is a member of the Terre des Hommes International Federation, and works in partnership with ECHO and has been accredited by the European Union, the United Nations and the Italian Foreign Ministry. For further information: www.terredeshommes.it

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