Who best to tell you about us? PATRIZIA PEPE CUSTOMERS!!

Little Boy lettera This morning we were wondering what to write about the Patrizia Pepe MEN collection, when surprise surprise… into our mailbox popped a bit of “fanmail” from a customer who just can’t get enough of our clothes, and he told us his story… We can’t think of anything better than to share it with you, no cutting, no pasting and no editing, just the unadultered version that we received:
“Wow, who would have thought it! This is the message I keep getting from friends and family when they see how I’ve transformed my look over the past few months. The way I choose my clothes, which are now exclusively Patrizia Pepe. They’re right, I would never have thought it possible either, but I certainly wouldn’t turn back the clock. I am happy with the choice I’ve made, the decision to dress Patrizia Pepe, a brand that marries style and sophistication in practical mens’ clothes. I took a deep breath and started out with a few online purchases from store.patriziapepe.it, reassured by the experience and kind words from the online chat team (thanks Silvia and Giulia). Thanks to them and the specific pointers I got from the company, I’ve never got a size wrong yet! Initially, I opted for the more classic ranges, shirts and jeans. After that, I just wanted everything, at least one of each item! Who would’ve thought that what I once referred to as just ‘jeans’ could make me feel like I did when I put them on, even the slim-fit ones are so comfortable that you don’t feel like you’re wearing them, not a seam or stitch can you feel on your skin, they’ve always got just the right mix of firmness and stretch. And they’ve all got seams, you can see them… so how come you can’t feel them on your skin? It’s all about the love, attention and care for the customer that goes into their making. No less important or satisfying is the effect that exclusive, well-made clothes have on everyone you meet either. And they are never too over-the-top…. which is what used to scare me about staying “on-trend”. How can I describe my micro-glitter, coated jeans? They might look a bit flashy, a bit in your face, but don’t be put off by the pictures, they’re smart, different and at the same time low-key enough to look good with my black, polished shoes. And my shirts my classy, smart shirts even for the more formal of occasions. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, both style and colour, classic pieces with just enough detailing to get them noticed. They are easy to wear, like the stretch shirts that rest softly on your skin, or comfy like a slouchy tee but with the sharp styling of a super-chic shirt. I like to go for the surprise factor, so with almost female affectation, I wear the shirts, complete with ink stains, that are supersoft to touch and a talking point with anyone I meet while satisfying my inner rebel. I like looking at them, especially since Patrizia Pepe clothes are always so singularly comfortable that you forget you’re wearing them. Well done Patrizia Pepe, to everyone, to the company and the people who create clothes that reflect what we men actually want, they understand us, they bring style and art together in one practical and very appealing collection after another … clothes that are as easy on the body as they are on the eye!…””
There’s one thing we’ve never doubted: the best endorsement for Patrizia Pepe are our customers. And this letter has just proved that: so everyone out there, feel free to drop us a line with whatever you want to say about Patrizia Pepe and what it means to you.

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