Men surprising women – an afternoon with Patrizia Pepe (Udine)

This blog is the perfect place to swap stories about the Patrizia Pepe world, and our Facebook/Twitter/YouTube pages are great for keeping each other up to date and sharing photos, but what happens every day in our shops, where we go for a look, to try something on and to buy?
Last Saturday, camera and scribble book at the ready, I ventured into our Udine shop to find out and to listen to what you had to say with no preconceived questions in my pocket. Nothing but the simple desire to see what was occurring.
That’s how this diary of notes came about that I’ve pasted below the photo, to thank everyone that stopped by the till, by the changing rooms or even between the clothes rails to chat with me.

The first person to come in was a girl shopping for a wedding, then some friends on a shopping mission then a mother and daughter to advise each other on what to buy, then … a man?! Then another man. Alone?! The Udine shop stocks the women’s collection and I honestly didn’t expect to see a man come in, alone that is, unaccompanied and not trailing painfully behind a lady staring into nothing and suffering in silence.
But that’s not what we saw, indeed, we saw three different and relatively unknown types:

  • The pretty woman: he’d been in a few weeks previously with his girlfriend and a winning technique, then returned with a more trained eye looking not for the same thing – that would be too obvious – but a surprise present for his girlfriend (yes, a surprise present, it doesn’t have to be your birthday or a special event to get a present …).
  • The hands-on man: the kind of man who doesn’t stick to the wall, ready to nod in agreement whenever his other half emerges from the changing rooms. This kind of man is out there browsing and selecting and bringing an array of things back for her to try on, beating the sales assistant at her own game.
  • The problem-solver: he comes in and in a matter of seconds, maybe even less, chooses with perfect taste the perfect t-shirt for his neighbour’s birthday, not his friend’s, but his neighbour’s … now is he just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill guy looking for nothing in particular, or have you ever given your neighbour a present?

“Excuse me, can you help me?” A girl who’s been enchanted by a pair of boots thinks I’m the sales assistant, and for some reason I answer yes then I say no (what was I thinking?), before watching how frustrated she becomes on discovering the shop doesn’t have her size and she’ll have to wait till next week to find out if they can order a pair or not.
Then again, fashion is fast off the shelves, flying actually, and every Tuesday new stock comes in that often sells out even before Saturday comes around. The culprits – now you’ll know who to blame – are all our devoted customers who come in with a huge smile and a clear mission, not to mention the foreign tourists: Austrians, Slovenians and Croatians visiting nearby Udine and… Patrizia Pepe).
Some come in because they’ve noticed the new shop (Patrizia has been open in Udine for about a month and a half), others because they’ve been shopping with us for years. The funny thing is that no one seems to have seen an advert or read our Facebook page (ahem, let’s just say that I’ve invited them all to join now … after all, they were nearly all Facebook users anyway).
Before we leave you today.. how about a semi-serious survey? The Patrizia Pepe shopper with pretty, fabric ribbon containing all your purchases got your full marks.

A big thanks go to Federica and Paola, sales assistants in the Corsa Perenne shop, for making me feel so welcome, and to Antonella, the shop owner, who was very kind and couldn’t do enough for a simple blogger with camera and pen at the ready.

— Tested, written and snapped in the shop by Davide Nonino.


  1. Riccardo - 13/05/2010 reply

    Non hai mai visto un Uomo che veste solo Patrizia Pepe?
    Eccomi, e quando entro in negozio con la mia lei prima corro a suggerire x lei e poi…….tocca a me 😀

  2. Il mio ragazzo è il tipico Pretty Woman :-))))))))) a lui piace far regali, non importa se è per una ricorrenza o meno, lui lo fa con il cuore! Ha buon gusto, forse di più che una donna :-)) io non sono pretenziosa, non sono viziata sotto questo aspetto perchè voglio portare avanti la tesi che l’amore non si dimostra con i soldi….gli dico sempre di stra-viziarmi con i suoi baci e le sue coccole…… Marco Ti Amo.

  3. @riccardo: no hihi… sei il mio primo “esemplare” 😉 Ecco ora vedo di convincere Patrizia a portare la collezione UOMO pure a Udine!

  4. @silvy: e bravo Marco 😉 E brava anche Silvy!!! Questo è l’Amore con la A maiuscola e il PEPE di mezzo!!!

  5. Riccardo - 13/05/2010 reply

    @DavideNonino, lo so di “uomini” che vestono SOLO Patrizia Pepe ce ne sono pochi, o forse nn ce ne sono proprio, a parte me ovvio 😉 Aspetto Solo la collezione Intimo Uomo per completare l’opera ^_^

  6. Secondo “esemplare”. Solo Patrizia Pepe. 95% in attesa, anche io, dell’ intimo uomo!
    Articolo molto piacevole!

  7. @paolo: grazie mille!!!

  8. Io sono per il tipo #prettywoman, ma li vendete? 🙂
    Ora che veniamo a Udine alcuni giorni, gli faccio fare un corso da Patriza Pepe.

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