This is the REAL Patty Ballerina!

Yes, she’s really here, the one and only genuine article, it’s Patty Ballerina.. in her new Autumn Winter 2010 finery. Just like every new season, Patty Ballerina is back again to herald the new Winter 2010 collection … She’s been so successful that we’ve even found some fakes out there and the company is obviously taking the necessary action to deal with them. Anyway, we’re the only ones who really know everything there is to know about Patty Ballerina, and we want to tell you where she came from and why she really does have the right to her image. Right from the early days of this blog, we told you a little bit about her…. we told you how from the very beginning…. upside down…

she became a tireless explorer of the African continent in the current Spring Summer collection, the theme of which is The Road to Mombasa.

And that’s not all, not long after she reappeared just before the World Cup.. on our sought-after Patrizia Pepe T-World Cup Capsule Collection t-shirts, and we even told you a little about our T-Shirt History at the same time!

Today we’re going to let you in on what she’ll be doing in the new Autumn Winter 2010 collection, although it will be Patty herself who’ll unveil a few of the themes featured in each look! The theme of the COLLECTION is HERITAGE NAVY GRAND BALL… and in keeping with the many elegant guests at the grand officer ball, our Patty Ballerina will be decked out in tails, ribbons, buttons and ornamental frogs to give her that added sparkle, almost like a medal of valour, that will get her noticed. She gives the military Navy style a whole new girly feel with a bit of an added sexy punch.

Interpreting the various themes and colours of the Collection, Patty stars on some of the chicest t-shirts and glam t-shirts of the coming season. (Not all colours are available yet, but you can get your hands on one already from a Patrizia Pepe shop or our online store). OK, we know it’s sizzling hot outside and humidity is topping 90% in some places, but if any of you out there (and we know there are lots of you) just can’t wait to own one of the latest trends, then this is the one for you to show you’re one step ahead with your finger on the fashion pulse, just like Patrizia Pepe’s one and only Patty Ballerina.


  1. gianfuco - 18/07/2010 reply

    bllissimo logo.
    bellisissimissimo abbiglia e mento

    • marcoruffa - 19/07/2010 reply

      Non è un vero e proprio logo… è un elemento di design, un personaggio che facciamo vivere nei nostri capi ma … non chiamiamolo logo ecco.

  2. Ma dai,queste maglette sono uguali a quelle di Marc Jacobs!!!!(costano anche il doppio queste di P.P.!!!!)

    • marcoruffa - 02/08/2010 reply

      La patty ballerina è un logo/disegno registrato da Patrizia Pepe difficile pensare che siano uguali a quelle di Marc Jacobs.

  3. Patrizia - 01/08/2010 reply

    Voglio quella a testa in giù. LA posso ancora trovare? Dove?

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