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Yes, that’s right… online, on web, and that’s the new Web 2.0 that everyone is talking about. It also gets everyone talking, amongst themselves and with the once unattainable people  on the other side, i.e. the product manufacturers.
This technological revelation also brings people closer, giving them a simple instrument with which to speak and interact: the aim being to get to know and understand each other better.
So, we’re going where Web 2.0 can take us, which is one step closer to our fans/customers as we venture into the world of video clips,  the ultimate video-sharing website.. YouTube.
It’s an incredible place with so much content that you’ll be hooked in seconds and transfixed for hours… the great thing is that the content doesn’t come only from the usual sources (producers), it can be uploaded by anyone, and that means by every single one of US!!

Patrizia Pepe has launched the official brand channel on YouTube, seizing this wonderful opportunity to illustrate through video what Patrizia Pepe is and what it has to say ….
It was an automatic step to take after we produced video content originally for our single-brand stores, i.e. the T-flag launch videos!!! We are so pleased with how the short clips turned out … and since embracing Web 2.0 was a necessary choice, we decided to publish these little nuggets of carefree, lighthearted living on YouTube to give you a chance to see, share, and like or dislike them as well as comment  however you see fit….
And why not, it also gives you the chance to upload a VIDEO REPLY as well!! We can’t wait to see them, in their hundreds and thousands, as many little insights into your lives, glimpses of what you do best, in other words, a chance to see the real YOU!! What more could we ask for!
So, what are you waiting for, click HERE to register with the Patrizia Pepe Official Channel. We look forward to seeing you!

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