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We received this email from one of our Digital Boutique customers and we’d like to share it with you by way of thanks because it means a lot to us… in other words, a happy customer is an objective achieved.

We all make mistakes sometimes… the main thing is to admit them and use them as the motivation to do better, for both ourselves and our customers.

Here’s the unedited version:

Dear Patrizia Pepe team, I’m writing to thank you for the kindness and respect for the rules that you show towards your customers:

Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a new compact camera, you know what it’s like, us girls have other interests too outside Patrizia Pepe, and I went to one of Italy’s big electronics chain stores. When I got home I realized right away that the camera had a small but annoying fault with the display. I went back to the store today to ask if they could replace it with one that didn’t have this defect. The sales assistant wasn’t very helpful, stating that for such a small defect he couldn’t really exchange it for a new camera. Then I asked if I could return the item for a refund (the so-called right to cancel). His final answer was: We do not give refunds, if you want we can give you a credit voucher for the same amount. Completely calm, I asked to speak to the store manager who failed to appear, but after a few phone conversations with the sales assistant and at my insistence, he authorized the refund. I maintained that all I wanted was to replace the camera, and to try it out in the store. At this point, they both became more helpful and polite. I now have a camera that works and with no defects, although on my way out of the shop I got to thinking…..

When I buy from you (I am a regular customer at your Digital Boutique), I have always been treated impeccably. The rules are stated clearly and uphold a customer’s legal rights in full. I have been buying from your on-line store for two years, and on the odd occasion I have ordered the wrong size. When that happened, I followed the quick and easy on-line procedure that has been posted on your website for some time now. Before that I used to ask your staff on-line who are always there to help with the on-line chat when I have a problem. I have never had to pay and no one has ever made it difficult to exchange for a different colour or size! Other times, when I didn’t like the item, just twice though, I have always had my money back (it takes a few days to complete the admin and make the transfer) no one has ever asked for any explanation or offered me a credit voucher instead. When I buy from you I know you will uphold the rules and I feel reassured.

And this applies not only to myself. My girl friends and a few male friends too, also buy from your Digital Boutique. They have also used your Customer Care services to exchange or return the odd item, even for tiny defects! They too have never encountered any objections from you! They would also like to thank you, having had unfortunate dealings with shops that don’t respect the rules or customers’ legal rights.

You are different. So thank you again, and to do it in a social networking kind of way, that’s one huge LIKE!

We would like to thank you, dear customer, for having taken the time to write to us.

We hope we will never disappoint you, and will do our utmost to ensure that our efforts continue to be useful and gratifying.

Patrizia Pepe Staff


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  1. O questa Cliente è una Digital PR che ha occhio tecnico su tutti gli aspetti di un’esperienza di acquisto online… oppure avete un bravo copywriter 🙂

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