Un accessorio: mille volti!

All those girls who have the same obsessive eye for detail as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, will know that it’s these little details that make all the difference.
In fashion, something as simple an accessory can altogether change the look of an outfit. Get it wrong and it’ll make the outfit look dull; get it right and it’ll make it unique!
For sure, top spot for originality this season has to go to the Braided Belt from the Spring/Summer Collection, available in radiant red and powder grey, trimmed with tassels, gold pendant charms, semi-precious stones and multi-faceted, transparent beads in various sizes.
The special feature of this item is its versatility. It can be used as a belt to liven up a Simple Tunic-Dress or to individualize a pair of Skinny Jeans:

This belt can be used as a Necklace, for greater impact you could choose a Dress in the same colour as the beads, or for a simpler effect you could opt for a Top in neutral tones.

But the Cord-Necklace-Belt can also be worn as a shoulder strap for the Bag, as we saw on the runway in every possible variation, in contrasting colours or in the same shade as the Clutch; whatever the combination, the result is always amazing!

How could we not make it the star of one of our videos dedicated to the coolest accessories of the Season?

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