Tribute to Amy

A genius mind and a wayward spirit are a dangerous concoction. Very often they have led bright young talents through history to a fate outside their control. Amy Winehouse had a voice that reached out and took hold of you. It was powerful, husky, sensual and sexy, a rare voice that went straight to the heart.
She sang “For you I was a flame, Love is a losing game…”

It was the fire that burned inside her that make her songs so special. She had real, unconditional passion. It was love that was sometimes a “losing game”.
Patrizia Pepe’s creative director, Patrizia Bambi, decided to dedicate the “Amy” bag to that unique voice and to the music of such a free spirit. A bag to celebrate a creative force whose weaknesses became her strengths. A maxi clutch made of super soft Nappa lambskin, to create a big soft heart on the inside and a hard rock surface on the outside, bombarded as it is with pendant Patrizia Pepe logo coins. A bag for confident, independent women of irresistible allure. Women who also love and protect with great passion. A free spirit, and unique creative genius. Just like Amy’s music always was, and always will be.

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