Behind the scenes: Filippo Fiora

Behind the scenes: Filippo Fiora
April 30th: an unforgettable day! For Notte bianca, Firenze – White Night, Florence, 5 bloggers, unleashed and let loose in the city, recounted the goings-on in town. The tools of their trade? The indispensable iPhone, the Patrizia Pepe App, a dream outfit and the famous phrase “Work it, baby”. They were the protagonists of the evening, the new Stars of the Web, so those of us who know them up close will tell you a bit more…
First name: Filippo
Last name: Fiora
Separated at birth from: Chuck Bass, sophisticated dandy and absolute perfectionist!
Lifestyle: obsessed with the wearability of garments which are never too tight, and in constant search of perfect details and exclusive accessories
Patrizia Pepe Look: an attractive t-shirt in bright yellow, contrasted with a chic touch in the form of a double-breasted trench coat and cotton and silk satin trousers. Essential items which create a perfect combination
Never without: pochette, moccasins and…the perfect pose!
Behind the scenes: hit bags addicted[CSD1] , dispensing advice on the latest purchases to anyone in range. No doubt you’ll look great…but be prepared to take out a mortgage!

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