Behind the scenes: Simona Melani

Behind the scenes: Simona Melani
April 30th: an unforgettable day! For Notte bianca, Firenze – White Night, Florence, 5 bloggers, unleashed and let loose in the city, recounted the goings-on in town. The tools of their trade? The indispensable iPhone, the Patrizia Pepe App, a dream outfit and the famous phrase “Work it, baby”. They were the protagonists of the evening, the new Stars of the Web, so those of us who know them up close will tell you a bit more…
First name: Simona
Last name: Melani
Blog: and
Separated at birth from: Amy Winehouse, a retro-punk  mix
Lifestyle: for a truly extraordinary and unconventional way of life, the style can be nothing but original and never predictable
Patrizia Pepe Look: contrasting with jeans and a casual t-shirt, an elegant jacket with a bejewelled fly brooch to create an urban-chic look!
Never without: 5 inch heels, cigarettes and a rebellious quiff!
Behind the scenes: …smoking, walking in vertigo-inducing heels in amongst the crowd for hours, tweeting and posting on Facebook all at the same time! …a real authentic highlander.



  2. be’ abastanza ordinaria direi,avrebbe potuto indossare dei capi di gran lunga più belli, nonostante il giro nella city! ;)) patriazia pepe è molto di più di una giacca buoclé e di un paio di jeans…,)

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