Behind the scenes: Veronica Ferraro

A day with… Veronica Ferraro
April 30th: an unforgettable day! For Notte bianca, Firenze – White Night, Florence, 5 bloggers, unleashed and let loose in the city, recounted the goings-on in town. The tools of their trade? The indispensable iPhone, the Patrizia Pepe App, a dream outfit and the famous phrase “Work it, baby”. They were the protagonists of the evening, the new Stars of the Web, so those of us who know them up close will tell you a bit more…
First name: Veronica
Last name: Ferraro
Separated at birth from: Gwyneth Paltrow, blond and etheral
Lifestyle: eclectic, changing from a romantic mood with lace and pale colours to a more aggressive tone
Patrizia Pepe Look: Chiffon Dress in pink, coupled with a Denim Jacket and a fly jewel brooch made from resin
Never without: red lipstick, vintage accessories and…never taking herself too seriously
Behind the scenes: the sophisticated appearance is deceptive, Veronica hides her “wild” side which is let loose at the first note of techno music



  1. mi piacciono tantissimo entrambe i vestiti ma non li ho trovati nel sito!

  2. Stefagna - 03/05/2011 reply

    Ciao Sara,
    cliccando su questo link puoi trovare il vestito di Veronica

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