The accent is on down-to-earth dressing, drawing inspiration from the cold garages of Seattle. The result is garment-dyed destructured jackets, jumpers reworked by hand, checked shirts and washed chinos, unfailingly teamed with an accessory or item that will give the look the same clean, smart feel;

in stark contrast to this are tailored pieces with sharp lines and urban vibe fabrics, which are given an older feel with some jersey accessories or detailed shoes:
expertly tailored jackets come in raw-edge, grey-toned brushed flannel, cool wool or diagonal bi-stretch fabric teamed with matching trousers, either with or without pleats,
easy around the middle and narrow on the leg;

single or double-breasted wool jackets are de rigeur while the opaque or armure-weave nylon technical apparel has an outerwear feel.
The shirts have a traditional construction but with refreshing new collars, garment-washing effects and different materials and accessories brought together to create the finish.

The colour palette encompasses rustic camel, brown and green tones, with nuances of grey from light through to anthracite and black accentuating the urban feel of the collection.
The resulting outfits reflect a new kind of grunge, mixing up different pieces to convey a contemporary, original lifestyle: for a smart night out or a snappy young daytime vibe, tailored jackets and coats are teamed with ripped jeans and open shirts worn over similarly ripped t-shirts;

for a special event or formal occasion, flannel or total black clothes are made a little bit more special by some fancy features or accessories which reconnect with the origins of the theme;
short hair or raw-cut sheepskin jackets, flannel shirts and big knits are worn with structured jeans for some casual street style.




  1. Riccardo - 15/06/2011 reply

    Mi sarebbe piaciuto molto vedere la preview….peccato che avete tolto l’unico punto vendita Uomo di ROMA! 🙁

  2. mi piace molto il lavoro di Patrizia, peccato che a Marrakech (marocco) non ho trovato un punto vendita. buon lavoro e tante cose belle.

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