So stylishly free and easy: it's the new SS11 Only 4 Collection

The new Only 4 SS2011 Collection is here! Nothing else but free and easy will do! Only 4 Stylish Girls celebrates the return to the lusciously natural happy-go-lucky look that will take you anywhere you want to go. The floaty dresses and minimal outfits are so gossamer-like you’ll hardly know you’re wearing them. Colourful floral prints set the scene in a colour palette that only the spring sunshine could create. The layered look combines with a figure-flattering factor made of stretch cottons that are either printed, garment-dyed or stone-washed. Sequin-shoulder tops add some secret shine. Romantic flower girls but without the frills; the spring breeze has brought with it a new age of innocent city girl glamour. The attention to detail has never been so precious: Chains caress and skim sultry necklines as they sweep down the back. It’s time to enjoy being young and unbridled, to break out of the mould but with the same elegance as ever, no matter how distressed the fabric. Ripped delavè denim. Even the eco-leather coats have been given the same heavy-duty treatment. The vintage-effect leather bracelets and belts match the studded bags and canvas shoes with crust leather detailing.

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