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This is the heading we generally use to talk about what people are saying about us in magazines, editorials, daily newspapers, monthly publications, hard or digital copy, Italian or international alike; in other words, wherever our clothes, our accessories and our shoes are featured.
We decided that a comment posted by a fan in the newsfeed of our Facebook wall deserved just the same, if not more, attention. It was just another ordinary day during Bonus Time when we found this spontaneous comment. We want to copy it for you here on an official Patrizia Pepe page to thank the person who wrote it and give them the recognition they deserve.
” …while I’m waiting for more codes to be published, I want to tell you how I came across Patrizia Pepe. About 10 years ago I was going to the dentist when I walked past a truly amazing shop window. PP. When I finished at the dentist, I remembered the shop window I’d seen and since I was still a bit down and in pain, I went into the shop to have a look. I bought a gorgeous black jacket and trouser suit, not matching but in the same fabric (because PP does everything for a reason). By the time I left the shop, my toothache had gone because buying something nice had cheered me up. I had to go back to the dentist the next week and came out with toothache again, so I went back into PP. I bought a gorgeous blouse that time and again, it really made me feel better. This carried on every Wednesday for the next three months. 10 years on, I don’t go to the dentist any more because my teeth are fine, but I still go back to PP whenever I can. And it still gives me the same thrill as the very first time I went in. ;-)”.
We’re going to file this along with the thousands of other things you’ve been sending us to celebrate reaching 200,000 fans, and also make sure we have a copy to look at on our desks when we get tired.
So, dear Friend and Fan, we’d like to thank you very much for this message, and hope you don’t ever have to go back to the dentist!! It’s people like you that make all our hard work, time and dedication really worth it, and make us proud to be part of this company.
Thanks again.

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