Dj's on air for Patrizia Pepe Temporary Menswear Store

All eyes in Florence will be on the Patrizia Pepe man at the 79th edition of Pitti Immagine, the international fashion event. From 11 to 14 January, visitors to the Piazza San Giovanni shop will be treated to an exclusive preview of the Spring Summer 2011 Menswear Collection where the new dedicated Temporary Store will also open its doors. As afternoon moves into evening, the Store will slowly but surely morph into an all-out Party, swaying to the sounds of four internationally-renowned DJ’s who know just how to get the party started…
Ladies and Gentlemen, may we introduce you to: ISA IAQUINTA the sultry lady of the house. With the polished touch of a true perfectionist, she plays extremely danceable undulating music with what seem to be flashes of madness and lapses of transient instability. We’re talking about the 30-year old drop-dead gorgeous Isa Iaquinta of course, who will wow you with her skills behind the console too. In the past, she’s modelled for some very big labels, competed successfully in Miss Italia and some years ago also starred as a housemate in the Italian Big Brother. The ebullient Isa is to be found deejaying in some of Italy’s hottest “in” clubs like Pineta in Milano Marittima, where Zouk is resident DJ, Sottovento and Billionaire in Porto Cervo, Twiga in Forte dei Marmi, Mela in Naples, Qi Clubbing in Brescia, Art Cafe’ and Babel in Rome, Country in Porto Rotondo and many, many more. Her DJ mixes tend to contain sophisticated off the wall commercial house music, put together to suit the occasion and the public she’s playing to, turning a bit of a get together into an out-and-out party. Truly classy. There’s no resisting a DJ who knows how to get around the celebrity world with such natural ease and aplomb. EMA STOKHOLMA
She was born Morwenn Moguerou in Marseille, but by now has become a permanent resident of the Milanese jungle. With a set of headphones for luck and truckloads of passion for her job, her motto is: “GOD IS A WOMAN DJ”. The girl has certainly got guts! Having realized at an early age that DJ’ing would always be more than just a hobby, Ema is living proof of how fashion and the music world evolve in the same way, always looking for something new to wow her public and give them a singularly exciting experience. For the past three years she has guest-starred in Italy’s most happening clubs, such as H25, Lampara, Villa Pascià, Country, Just Cavalli, Manduca and M club. Her DJ mixes have grown out of her globe-trotting, with an added French Touch that never fails to arouse and gratify the senses, some retro’ charm set against radical electro vibes the likes of Daft Punk, and fresher, more stylish Martin Solveig type sounds. It’s the kind of style that evades definition, encapsulating every kind of music that the French by birth, Milanese by adoption DJ loves the most. The result is an intoxicatingly heady kind of house. If Ema Stocholma’s energy doesn’t do it for you, then maybe you have to re-think what your real age is! ANANE VEGA
Born off the west coast of Africa in Cape Verde, Anane is extremely proud of her origins and African and Portuguese traditions. In New York she met DJ/producer and future husband Louie Vega who invited her to join his band “Elements of Life”, taking her to play in a number of the world’s biggest festivals, including Blue Note in Japan, Montreaux Jazz, Finland’s Pori Jazz, Holland’s North Sea Jazz Festival, Cape Town’s Jazz and the UK’s own Womad Festival. In 2007, she took part in the “Cirque De Soleil“. Buoyed by the rich culture of her native homeland and the many new horizons her travels have opened up for her, Anane started out by adapting Bunny Mackla’s “Let Me Love You”, which proved to be a clear sign of her desire to put her own stamp on every track. In Vega’s style the electronics are so subtle they are almost imperceptible, with tropical and tribal rhythms the dominant theme. You just have to listen to her version of “Walking On Thin Ice” to appreciate right away Louie’s talent for shaping sounds and inventing intriguingly exotic polyphonic beats. The singer with a heart of gold wowed her fans with her latest work “Ananesworld”: an exotic, sunny and velvety smooth groove that fuses with the world of house music with impeccable results. EBONY BONES
M.I.A. started the trend and Santigold carried it on, inspiring and converting people everywhere. London-born Ebony Bones picked up the mix of reggae, funk and electronic where the others had left off, shuffling it up a bit to present a new take on an established theme. Capable of producing evolutions on the absolute brink of crossover, the girl deserves a lot of attention for the energy she puts into getting her ideas across; every Ebony track is proof of how she engages with the music in a noticeably passionate approach to musical composition, which has also won over the commercial public. Her style reflects the fusion of various trends to create an exuberant and very palatable kind of music (you absolutely must listen to the totally wild “W.A.R.R.I.O.R” and colourful “We Know All About U”); she uses just the right mix of electronics. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the choruses will get into your head; this artist is so talented vocally you’ll be lost for words. So, why are you still standing there doing nothing? Get the stereo on and turn the volume up! LET’S DANCE!

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