Patrizia Pepe & Facebook: we've reached 200,000!

Let’s Celebrate us!
Since we ventured onto Facebook , it’s been one long amazing adventure of pictures, stories and initiatives bringing us into contact with our fans.
The Patrizia Pepe world is not all just Fashion, Star System and Outfits, it’s also, and more importantly, People, Passion, and Creativity.
That’s why we want to make you part of a very special event to celebrate our hitting 200,000 fans.
Send a photo or video of you celebrating what Patrizia Pepe means for you in your own way, to
Unleash your creative potential! If you’re a dedicated fashionista, send us a picture of your outfit or even a funny photo, a cartoon, a sentence, a funny video… This is the result!


  1. love patrizia pepe

  2. LOVE Patrizia Pepe FOREVER

  3. love patrizia pepe

  4. siamo in tanti eh…stupenda iniziativa 🙂

  5. we luv patrizia pepe!

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