Patrizia Pepe ama le sue donne. Tutte, qualunque desiderio abbiano

Always inspired by her clients, she designs exclusive collections which employ the highest quality materials, including leather and fur.

Quite diverse collections in terms of style and elegance but always providing a choice.
Patrizia Pepe has chosen to use only certified hides and those which from the food industry.
Therefore, proving that Patrizia Pepe’s clients do not bring about additional sacrifices to nature.
Because Patrizia Pepe loves women and to meet the needs of all of her clients, her collections always feature garments made from environmentally-friendly furs and leathers; especially for those who are mindful of nature whilst also wanting quality, original clothes.

A choice which makes Patrizia Pepe a business sensitive to ethical and environmental issues, whilst still being a luxury brand within the fashion industry that does not want to rule out using the best materials and seeks to confirm its own inimitable style.

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