Fashion Dinner #1

Let’s imagine you’re planning a really special evening…. and you’ve gotten so caught up in the excitement that you’ve forgotten you don’t know what to make, that you don’t have much time (what’s new?) and that you also want a pretty special outfit too. No worries, we’ve got a fast, easy and very tasty recipe, and a drop-dead gorgeous outfit.
Fois Gras with caramelised apples

First things first… start chilling the wine that’s going to be accompanying your evening…. (see below for some suggestions).
2 fresh Fois Gras cutlets (goose if possible), 1 Fuji apple, cut into 6 wedges (set 2 aside for decoration, in water with some lemon to stop them from going brown; the other 4 are for use in the recipe). 60g butter, 1 glass of Passito di Pantelleria (strong sweet wine), flour, and 2 scoops of pineapple sorbet (about 4-5cm wide) – you can buy this in the shops.
In a medium-sized pan (aluminium if possible) brown the 4 apple wedges in 40g of butter over a medium flame until the juice starts to ooze out, the apples are soft and a sauce has formed. Pour the passito wine in slowly and continue to cook over a medium flame, stirring with a wooden spoon to make your sauce.
Put the rest of the butter and a spoonful of your apple sauce into a small saucepan (non-stick this time). Heat the mixture, dust the Fois Gras cutlets in flour then add them to the pan. Cook over a high flame to create a crusty coating on both sides.
Now it’s time to go and get changed…. for your big night.
Add the Fois Gras to the sauce left in the other bigger pan and spoon the sauce over the meat and fruit; this will only take a few minutes, just long enough to heat it up again.
To serve
Lay two of the cooked apple wedges on each dinner plate (white or plain coloured if possible) followed by the Fois Gras, being careful to cover it completely with the sauce and laying it all out nicely. Garnish with the uncooked apple wedge (set aside in the water) and a scoop of sorbet. You can also use the sorbet to decorate the plate, pouring it in a circle around the fois gras (stir the sorbet quickly to melt it). Depending on the season, you can also garnish with some cherries or grapes.
Serve the dish with some still, dry white wine, nothing too aromatic, we suggest a Chardonnay or Sylvaner, excellent Italian wines that are great value for money.

Now, what kind of look do you want to go for?…
Super sexy… killer heels and nothing else..

I always look chic….even when you’re not around…

I’m sexy and girly… even when I’m asleep…

For full details, click each look to see the individual items then click here to watch the original video recipe, which we owe a huge thanks to Nadia Santini for.
Last… but not least,, don’t forget the music – Patrizia Pepe’s new Tribal Excess will create just the right kind of cool atmosphere. Catch a clip of some of the tracks on our website in the PLAY section!

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