So many different women, so many different ways of celebrating!

One party, one thousand ways of enjoying it!
If you overlook the extremely serious political and social significance of International Women’s Day, then you’ll appreciate that it’s also a very good reason for a get together, a time of the year just for women.

The age-old way of celebrating it, a’ la Sex & The City in other words, is a meal with a group of friends and an evening’s worth of chat, confessions and a good old gossip. Even though women from nation to nation may choose the same way of celebrating this important day, the spirit of the evening may change depending on the underlying intentions.
If you approach the 8th of March with a Carrie spirit, then your aim will be to amuse your friends, help them to unwind with a healthy dose of sarcasm and also (it goes without saying), wowing them with your latest stunning outfit. Nothing fits the bill better than this one shoulder lace-detail dress, killer heels and statement accessories such as the leather and resin bangle.

If you see yourself more as a Charlotte kind of girl, then your idea of a girls’ night out will be the chance for some serious bonding with your girlfriends. You’ll take on the role of the one that is seemingly easily shocked, trying to bring the others into line when the conversation takes a turn for the worse … The perfect outfit for you is a clever mix of understated chic and girly charm: a boy-cut shirt, skinny jeans and pillar box red peep toe shoes.

Are you more the cutting, cynical and ruthless type like Miranda? If that sounds like you then the ideal look will need to reflect your determined, resolute and slightly androgynous personality: boyfriend jacket , cotton gabardine trousers and stretch jersey top.

If you are the Samantha of the situation, the spotlight will definitely be on you! Your "man search" radar will still be on for the night and your outfit will have to rise to the occasion. This camisole dress teamed with the ruffled trench coat and suede court shoes is certainly a worthy contender.

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