The Beauty of the Wishlist

Here we are again with more Wishlist stories.. But this time round, your wishes turn into.. GIFTS.
What are they? … and why do we need them?
If you look here you can read our previous explanations of what wish lists are all about.

Today we’d to like to let you know that not only does your wishlist talk to you, alerting you to when your favourite items are going out of stock or when price changes are imminent, it can also win you prizes! Indeed, by adding your favourite items to your personal wishlist, you give us an insight into how popular each item is, and which ones are in the highest demand by you, our customers! … this is extremely useful as it brings us closer to what our customers really want.

That’s why we decided to give everyone using the wishlist a little, one-off reward at the weekend! Starting right from this weekend, i.e. from from 14-16 October, there will be a pleasant surprise awaiting all wishlists updated by 13 October. If you already have a wishlist and have added something from the winter collection, log on to find out more!

Do you want to know more?
Log in to Patrizia Pepe and use your wishlist for anything that takes your fancy from the new collections… The next time you go back there will definitely be a surprise there for you too!

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