Inside Man Collection

Mood boards & Style description for a Collection to be explored…let’s explain the Collections!
Previously we discussed the 2 themes of the Spring Summer Man Collection, now we’re going to add a brief key so you can know a bit more.
INDIGOSOUL are clothes with a work wear influence, with a look from a rarefied and dusty atmosphere, in BLUE shades – clothes which are deliberately dirtied and loose, with a worn soul.

DESERT NOMAD are handmade clothes, that have the appearance of older traditions but are still progressive as a result of washes and treatments, predominantly in NATURAL colours.

All colours in the Collections go well alongside each other and with SELVAGE RED, also used in the details.
The line is clean yet soft: deconstructed or lightly washed jackets, loose-fit trousers.
Twill weave fabrics, in light spring and summer weights, patterned cottons for jackets and trousers.
EVOLUTION effect on jersey, piquet, pima cotton, poplin, and even shoes! & special processing and treatments on individual items which enhance the graduated effect even more.


The very neat inside trim is reminiscent of a re-discovered craft.
The Shirts, always our best seller and a must for the Collection, are available in a wide range and in various types of fabric mixes, from poplin, to classic designs or fade effect prints.
Denim and air dry Chinos are available in various treatments with a handmade feel.

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